Why men’s designer ties?

Due to its reverence in the corporate world, ties have a come a long from being just mere fashion accessories to being an important corporate accessory for the suave business man, the necessary fashion statement for male fashion enthusiast. Men’s designer ties have become staples both as corporate must have and fashion necessity.

In the corporate world, black is the favorite color of the elite business men and has been gradually adopted as the traditional color of formal ties. Ties come in different variations like the patterned ties, the polka dots ties which can come in big or small dots, the checkered ties and stripes. Tie selection often depends on a man’s taste and preferences.

Ties can come in different shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. Ties are also used in corporate organizations as a sign of membership.

Popular brand names of men’s designer ties and bow ties

The top 10 brand names when it comes to men’s designer ties and bow ties in no particular order include:

•           Hermes – this prestigious designer tie brand for men is popular for its great stunning design, luxurious feel. It is a sign of great taste;

•           Ermenegildo Zegna – this is the best choice for formal ties. Designed from high-end silk yarn, it is a product of great workmanship and skill. There is great attention to detail with all Zegna ties;

•           Dolce and Gabanna – they are famous for making ties that are artistically inclined. it is a great choice for men who love art and want to feel different and creative;

•           Emillio pucci – this brand is a popular choice among men that fancy bright and colorful ties;

•           Alexander Mc Queen – they are famous for their large polka dot ties. Some of their ties also feature a gold background with small skull pattern and are made in silk;

•           Bulgari – their gold dotted burgundy ties are currently hot fashion items in today’s market;

•           Junya Watanabe – with exquisite silk texture, their ties come in patterns, stripes dots and solid colors;

•           Ralph Lauren – staring out as a tie brand, Ralph Lauren ties are high-end fashion and they come in great design. Their ties are of great quality;

•           Giorgio Armani – an Italian brand with large follower-ship, Giorgio Armani ties are popular for their luxury and exquisite designs;

•           Atkinsons – made from royal Irish poplin, they are popular for making regimental and club ties.

Colors for men’s designer ties and bow ties

Business classics – apart from black which is the most common color choice among business men, other colors that work in the business world include

– Dark red or burgundy color works for almost all occasion. The solid color dark red tie is a favorite among politicians; it gives an impression of nobility and luxury;

–  Blue is a choice spring color. It can highly rated terms of standards and popularity. It a choice color to wear to formal events, networking events;

– Navy blue is a perfect color for all business gatherings and events and can be paired with almost any color. It is popular for it color versatility.

Other colors include grey and silver, white brown, yellow and green. There are also multi colored ties.

The most popular tie knots for men’s designer ties are the simple knot also known as the four in hand knot, the Shelby knot, the half Windsor knot and the Windsor knot.

Make a statement today and step up with these men’s designer ties and bow ties. Step out in style!


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